History of the Orangery

Throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, orangeries were built in the grounds of many fashionable residences, originally to house citrus trees during the winter months. Examples of orangeries built in 1761 can be seen at Kensington Palace and Kew Gardens, with many other surviving structures in evidence around the country.


However, orangeries actually originated in Italian Renaissance Gardens, with the earliest recorded built in Padua in 1545. With the advent of clear glass production in substantial quantities, large and elaborate structures could be built incorporating glazing as a major feature.


These original orangeries tended to be huge buildings, not just used as plant houses, but designed to demonstrate the wealth and importance of their owners. Orangeries were even designed to contain fountains, grottos and areas to entertain guests.


Kensington Orangery

Horsford orangery

Modern orangeries may be smaller structures, but they are designed to incorporate many original features and make stylish yet practical additions to the home.


Providing light, airy, yet warm living spaces with aesthetic appeal, an orangery can add space, interest and value to your property, whether you are looking for an area to entertain, relax or bring your garden into your home.


Recent Orangery

Recent Horsford Orangery at Heatherset


New Orangery

New Horsford Orangery under construction at Drayton

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